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High School Diploma Requirement


San Lorenzo Adult School

High School Diploma Program

The application process for the HSD program includes: completion of the documentation for enrollment, a transcript evaluation, an appointment with the principal (as needed) and an assessment. Students need to be within 50 credits of completing the requirements for graduation to be eligible to enroll in the HSD program. We use APEX for the HSD program. Students must have the literacy/ numeracy skills to access the content and curriculum of APEX or they are ineligible to enroll in the program.

Please keep in mind per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), confidentiality rights transfer to the student at the age of 18. Adult students must contact the Adult School directly/ in person to start the application process. Legally, adult students need to consent to enrollment and their signatures are needed on the documents. The Adult School will not discuss enrollment of adult students with 3rd parties, not even with well-meaning relatives or parents. As a staff member (counselor) from the transferring school or Ed Services, we can discuss with you when your students come to apply for our program and the program we provide but each student needs to initiate the application process themselves.

These are the Adult School graduation requirements:

HS Transcripts Credit Requirements

***ESL courses and English taken in foreign countries do not count towards the English requirements for Adult School graduation.

Students can get general elective credit for work experience. Students can receive up to a maximum of 20 credits for 120 hours of work performed after their start date at the Adult School.

To register students need to attend a registration date at Adult School office with an official transcript to start the application process at that time they will receive a testing appointment for the following week. When the student is not eligible for the program because of a deficiency in credits, the student will be notified prior to their testing appointment (if transcripts are provided prior to the testing appointment). When students are not eligible for the high school diploma program due to a deficiency in test scores, students will be notified prior to the first day of classes. If test scores or official transcripts are not available 1 week prior to the start of classes, the student’s start will be delayed until the appropriate materials are received and a determination of eligibility has been made by the school.